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Trail Design & Build

I've over 20 years of experience building up from scratching out trails as a kid, learning to build jumps, berms and pumptracks, right through to downhill race tracks and the challenge of building well draining trails of all grades for the general public to ride and have fun on.

This broad range of knowledge and an ability to visualise the trail prior to construction is something I am proud of.

It allows me to have a high level of instinct for both shaping of features and picking a line for a trail even before any on the bike testing has taken place.

Specialising in:

  • Consultancy

  • As Dug Trails from Hand Built to Bikepark Style        at all Grades

  • Surfaced MTB Trails and Paths

  • Pumptracks and Dirt Jumps

  • Downhill Race Tracks

  • Trail Building Tuition

  • Trail Maintenance

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